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EcoBirds provides general information on birds & birding, and gives direct access to more detailed technical and related ecological information on birds in EcoPort. Much of the current bird-related information available through the Internet describes some species or other bird-related information in isolation or in part. Through EcoBirds, birding information is presented in a global ecological context, i.e. the complex web of life, wherever possible. This allows us:
      • an understanding of ecological function;
      • a better understanding of habitat;
      • a better understanding of food sources;
      • a better understanding of ecological threats;
      • a better understanding of the status of the birds; and
      • improved insight into interactions with other organisms through a variety of different ecological perspectives (e.g. within the context of a normal scientific description, conservation, captivity, or even as a food source).

Navigation in EcoBirds is through the menu bar at the top of each page, and side bar when additional pages are available. EcoBirds is intended for people with varying levels of expertise and knowledge. With the basic bird-related information that you require available through this site it should allow you to enjoy birds more and get more involved in the detailed technical information available through these pages. Should you wish to participate in building this knowledge system, please go to the participate page for more information.

Enjoy it, and if you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or queries, please send EcoBirds your comments.

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