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Recent Developments
01 January 2003

The following pages have been added:

  • Anatomy: the gut, feathers (including types, colours and facts), flight (including wing shape, gliding and flapping), lungs & breathing, heart & blood
  • Identification: classification
  • Conservation: extinction (the dodos, the moas, the hawaiian drepatinidiae, passenger pigeon, the great auk, others)
  • Ecology: nests (no nest, simple nests, cup nests, enclosed nests, hanging & woven nests, holes in the ground, holes in wood, mound nests, aquatic nests, mud nests, edible nests, architecture)
  • Behaviour: migration (what is it?, when?, how?, where?)
  • Participate: audio clips, images
A number of people/photographers have agreed to share bird images with us. These images have been uploaded into EcoPort and includes those from Ann Cook, Don Baccus, Richard Garrigues, Dan Sudia, Arthur Grosset, and Cliff Buckton. Others will follow shortly as soon as we have time to load the images. To view these images, go to Search Picture Database and then enter the author's name (e.g. Cook) under author name. As you will agree, many of these images are excellent and this gives a good base to build from in the near future - more are due to follow in the next few weeks.
22 November 2002 Over 2000 images have been added, primarily covering birds on the America's, and to some extent Europe and Africa.
30 August 2002 Many new common names have been added. However, these are primarily in English.
12 May 2002 Additional pages added and fixed bad links. A significant number of images of North American birds added to EcoPort.
24 March 2002 Additional pages and information have been added to the site e.g. identification, birding and health. Some initial links are now being made to the main EcoPort knowledge system.
17 March 2002 The site was completely re-designed to improve content, access and navigation - and to add a little basic colour to ours lives.
18 August 2001 This site was created and some information pages were added.

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This search facility allows you to search EcoPort directly without having to navigate the more detailed EcoPort menu. EcoPort contains record structures for all birds of the world, and can be searched on scientific or common name in any language (provided it has already been entered). As the bird entities in this knowledge system are relatively new, most records will consist of the scientific name, some taxonomic information, and at least one common name only. This facility can be used to search for any entity type in EcoPort e.g. plants, insects, fungi, bacteria, mammals, birds, and spiders.

Last updated: 01 January 2003