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It is possible to add your sound clips to both EcoBirds and EcoPort. At present there are very few sounds clips on birds, but the web system system is audio compliant and it is a matter of uploading the information in an appropriate way. Rather than load large single audio files it is more appropriate to load a number of smaller files with clearly defined sounds or messages. This makes it clear to the user what they are about to listen to, the exact subject or context, and allows people to differentiate between various vocal communications. In addition, audio clips are usually resource hungry and smaller clips are easier to download - in a number of cases large audio clips are completely impractical.

The following formats and limits are recommended:

  • a single file should not be larger than 1 MB and preferably in the range of 100-400kB;
  • the wav, asx, wax, m3u, wvx, mp3 and wmx formats are supported; and
  • a single clip be submitted for each sound or subject.

There is currently no automatic way of uploading this information. Therefore, you are requested send the audio files to EcoBirds with the following information:

  • name of file/s;
  • clearly indicate the subject of each file;
  • clearly indicate the specie/s or name of bird/s on the tape;
  • date of taping or creation; and
  • a statement that this information is legally yours to make available through both EcoBirds and EcoPort.

Please note, that all material submitted to EcoBirds and EcoPort is done so within the context of the statements and disclaimer made under those on the EcoPort home page:

© EcoPort. All rights reserved. The information shared through this web site may be used freely, but only for non-commercial purposes and not for private financial gain. Please acknowledge individual authors and Contributing authors and institutions retain full rights to their material. See also the liability disclaimer.
If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or queries, please send EcoBirds your comments.

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This search facility allows you to search EcoPort directly without having to navigate the more detailed EcoPort menu. EcoPort contains record structures for all birds of the world, and can be searched on scientific or common name in any language (provided it has already been entered). As the bird entities in this knowledge system are relatively new, most records will consist of the scientific name, some taxonomic information, and at least one common name only. This facility can be used to search for any entity type in EcoPort e.g. plants, insects, fungi, bacteria, mammals, birds, and spiders.

Last updated: 01 January 2003