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The easiest way to contribute to EcoBirds is by providing images/pictures/drawing that you have that will add to those already in EcoPort. Most of the images show pictures of the birds that can be used for identification. However, EcoBirds is MUCH more than identification of birds as we really want to know about the bird/s in terms of their life and interaction/s with their environment i.e. ecology. Ultimately, what we would like to do is to tell stories with images and not only words. most of us have images "lying around" at home or the office that could tell part of a story. It can be on any subject from various growth stages, nests, food, feeding, bathing, behaviour, interactions/associations, flight, eggs, health, breeding, aviculture, the many aspects of conservation, as invasive species, etc. Why not digitise them (if not already digitised - those with digital cameras have a great advantage) and submit them for all of us to enjoy.

One can enter images in a numbr of different ways:

  1. Submit them to Ecobirds for total processing - however, this process can take a while as the people involved in EcoBirds do this work in their "spare'time i.e. there are no full time staff. And there are many people contributing a variety of information in addition to all the development work that needs to be done on the site. Not the most efficient option, but there if you do not have any other way.
  2. You can enter your own caption and then submit the image for uploading (this is done through EcoPort as the front end to the knowledge management system). This is done by:
      • first registering in EcoPort;
      • notifying EcoBirds of your wish to enter images (so that we can set you up as an image contributer/editor);
      • follow the guidelines for creating a caption; and
      • submitting your image to the person who uploads the images as per page above (this will hopefully be automated in the near future - but we are getting a lot of people who do not adhere to the guidelines correctly and this causes problems).


If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or queries, please send EcoBirds your comments.

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This search facility allows you to search EcoPort directly without having to navigate the more detailed EcoPort menu. EcoPort contains record structures for all birds of the world, and can be searched on scientific or common name in any language (provided it has already been entered). As the bird entities in this knowledge system are relatively new, most records will consist of the scientific name, some taxonomic information, and at least one common name only. This facility can be used to search for any entity type in EcoPort e.g. plants, insects, fungi, bacteria, mammals, birds, and spiders.

Last updated: 01 January 2003