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This site is all about enjoying birds while learning and having fun. Why not share the information you have with everyone else through EcoBirds so that we can also enjoy it as well? This can be done in a variety of ways and need not be time consuming or difficult. How can you participate? This can be done in a number of ways .................... some of the ways are listed below and you can follow the links on the left to find out more.

As EcoBirds is about birds in ecology, all information that tells a story, or part of story, is useful information e.g. infomration that is descriptive, and/or relates to habitat, food, feeding, nesting, breeding, eggs, behaviour, nests, migration, resting, ecological interactions, threats, diseases, maltreatment and adaptations. The more information we have the easier it is for all of us to generate knowledge (this is the linking together of the information in a meaningful way to the user). Do not forget that some bird species are exploited for commercial gain and others are protected by special conservation programmes - all this is of interest to us e.g. breeding in captivity, endangered species, and commercial production for food.

All information (e.g. images) remains your property and will always be associated with your name. See the copyright information on the bottom of the EcoBirds home page.

Images: Possibly the easiest way to contribute to EcoBirds is by submitting your pictures / images / drawings. This is not a photographic contest, so images do not have to be perfect to be submitted. However, it should clear and a reasonable size & quality.

Articles: You can contribute a variety of articles on birds or related subjects e.g. ecological studies, descriptions of great birding sites near you, and the behaviour of birds. 

Slide Shows: You can create slide shows in EcoPort using all the images submitted by yourself, or by others.

Editor: Should you be an expert on specific bird species, or certain aspects of bird ecology, you are welcome to join the EcoPort community and contribute directly yourself. Although the process is relatively simple, you will be able directly input information yourself. 

Video clips: Video is frequently becoming the prefered medium for some people. In addition, it is usually easier to get a story or point across on video than with pictures. Why not share what you have, particularly if it provides an accurate description (particularly of things such as behaviour and/or feeding habits) tells a ecological story or show detail not normally seen in stil pictures.

Audio clips:There a number of audio enthusiasts out there who have a large amount of information to provide. Although the most common calls are desirable, there are often many other calls that are recorded and can be presented through EcoBirds.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or queries, please send EcoBirds your comments.

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This search facility allows you to search EcoPort directly without having to navigate the more detailed EcoPort menu. EcoPort contains record structures for all birds of the world, and can be searched on scientific or common name in any language (provided it has already been entered). As the bird entities in this knowledge system are relatively new, most records will consist of the scientific name, some taxonomic information, and at least one common name only. This facility can be used to search for any entity type in EcoPort e.g. plants, insects, fungi, bacteria, mammals, birds, and spiders.

Last updated: 23 November 2002